Strange “Morse” signs discovered on Mars surface no one can understand


Supposedly the winds which carve up the dunes produced the strange aspect. So, not the “aliens” even if they could possibly exist. The motivation being found, the real cause for this is not known yet. “This process is not well understood at present and is one motivation (to study) this area,” NASA said in a press release. The Agency tried to “translate” signs in Morse. An irrelevant “message” resulted: “NEE NED ZB 6TNN DEIBEDH SIEFI EBEEE SSIEI ESEE SEEE”. No one could understand this if it is a real message. It can’t be read in any actual language on the Earth. But the mystery remains and many other suppositions are possible. Why not about an other, unknown today, language ? Time is needed so solve enigma.


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