NASA’s Curiosity rover unexpectedly went in safe mode over the weekend


But there is also some good news to this. Although ’s Curiosity rover went into safe mode over the weekend, it is currently stable for the time being. ’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) still has an open communication with the rover through their ground controllers. The really bad news is that won’t be able to get it back running until they figure out what really went wrong.

In the next few days more data is expected to come in. And with it the JPL team will figure things out eventually. Until then, Curiosity rover is in good hands and it is also looking after itself. NASA still has big plans in store for it. Its next job is to check out a potential site of running water nearby known as recurring slope lineae. While the rover isn’t actually allowed to sample water, due to the risk of contamination with germs from Earth, it will still be able to take invaluable high resolution imagery.


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