The American flags on the moon are all completely white


During the course of the entire Apollo program, U.S. astronauts deployed 6 flags on the Moon. The conditions on the moon are not friendly: 14 days of cold -150° C darkness alternate other 14 days of bright, constant sung-light with 100° C temperatures. NASA’s flags were made by Annin Flag-makers and the cost for one nylon flag was $5.50. The fact that these faded out over time is no surprise to anyone, especially considering that they have been exposed to the full fury of Moon’s environment characterized by intense ultraviolet radiation and pure unfiltered sunlight.

A cloth flag will loose its colors here on Earth too, after being exposed to bright sunlight for a couple of years. Analysts say that it might even be possible that some of the U.S. flags have started to disintegrate. With no discernible and currently active space programs it is sad to see the Moon above us no longer holds the testament to the glory period of U.S. space exploration days.


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