A massive black hole was discovered at about 200 million light years from Earth


The researchers also were surprised to discover that the black hole is 10 times more massive than they had predicted for a galaxy of this mass. The discovery was reported in a study by Jens Thomas of the Max Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Garching, , who is the paper’s lead author, in the April 6th issue of the journal Nature. The supposition to explain the black hole’s monster size is that it merged with another black hole long ago when galaxy interactions were more frequent. “To become this massive, the black hole would have had a very voracious phase during which it devoured lots of gas,” said Chung-Pei Ma, a University of California-Berkeley astronomer and head of the MASSIVE Survey, a study of the most massive galaxies and supermassive in the local universe.


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