Closest approach to Earth by Asteroid 2013 TX68 in March


Rest assured that this is no end of the world scenario. The apocalypse is just not yet upon us. , who has been keeping a close eye on the asteroid when it previously passed by, explains that there is almost no possibility that the asteroid will hit Earth. The truth is that there is a tiny possibility: one in 250 million that the asteroid will hit our planet. What’s worrying though is that scientists are unable to predict the trajectory the asteroid will take after it’s going to make the close March flyby on the 5th. It’s next Earth flyby will be in 2046.

The uncertainty comes as Asteroid 203 TX68 has a projected trajectory which varies very much: it will flyby our planet as close as 11000 miles or as far as 9 million miles. The last approach was at around 1.3 million miles. scientists are unable to give a better estimation with a smaller range as they did not track the asteroid for a very long period of time. Estimated to be 100 feet in diameter, it is estimated that in case if it will hit our planet it will produce an air burst that will be twice as powerful as the Chelyabinsk event was in Russia


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