SpaceX will attempt historic rocket landing at Cape Canaveral this weekend


A 229.6-foot Falcon 9 rocket will lift off Sunday evening at around 8 p.m out of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. After close to ten minutes the first stage Falcon 9, which will already be separated from the spacecraft, will fly back to its launch site thanks to GPS technology. Other rocket landing attempts this year were done on a drone ship in the ocean. Until now no such landing was a complete success as all exploded on landing. But SpaceX proved it can hit a bull’s-eye mark from over 60 miles up.

The goal of what could be a historic rocket landing on Sunday is to recover the rocket for reuse. One of the scenarios SpaceX wants to avoid is having the 14-story-tall, 67,000-pound rocket tip over and suffer significant damage after landing. This could lead to the rocket exploding. If everything goes according to plan and the Falcon 9 rocket lands softly, SpaceX will finally prove the world that affordable space travel will soon be a reality.


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