Mysterious space junk that crashed into Earth on Friday the 13th was caught on camera


A team of scientists hosted by The International Astronomical Center (IAC) and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency was however able to capture WT1190F as part of their study. The scientists were particularly interested in the object as they want to learn more about objects like this one and better prepare in the future for asteroid impacts that pose an actual threat. They already knew from WT1190F’s orbit that it will enter Earth’s atmosphere at an unusually steep angle and thus it will have fast trajectory.

It was expected that it wasn’t going to be good visibility from the ground and as a result the team of scientists was already prepared. The object was captured on tape from a plane which was flying in a prime viewing location. Space junk as scientists call debris is nothing new. The remains usually come from pieces of rockets of parts of defunct satellites that orbit the Earth. alone tracks more than half a million such pieces. While most pieces of space junk usually end burning up completely in Earth’s atmosphere, some make it down to Earth. This past week three objects managed to crash down in Spain alone.


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