Private mission planned to the moon hoping to win the Google Lunar X Prize


Some conditions also apply: the winner participant must land their craft on the moon, explore at least 500 meters of its surface, and then transmit high-definition video and images back to Earth. And of course it must me the first to do this before the deadline. “We are proud to officially confirm receipt and verification of SpaceIL’s launch contract, positioning them as the first and only Google Lunar X Prize team to demonstrate this important achievement thus far,” X Prize Vice Chairman and President Bob Weiss said in a statement. Only three countries have ever landed a rover on the Moon: the United States, Russia, and China. Israel can be the next. SpaceIL is largely funded by private donors, who have so far contributed $50 million to its cause. California-based Moon Express announced its own launch deal with the spaceflight company Rocket Lab last week, and Pittsburgh-based Astrobotic signed a contract with SpaceX back in 2011. The Google Lunar X Prize was created in 2007 to encourage the development of the private spaceflight industry


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