The first private spacecraft to the ISS


This assignment is a test journey or flight for the SpaceX. SpaceX has an agreement with the for the next few years to fly 12 cargo delivery series. If this spacecraft can show its ability to meet up and tie up with the space station throughout this flight, the delivery assignments should start from the fall.

Some questions regarding this mission were asked to the SpaceX. On raising the question about the vacant ship without astronauts they answered that it is actually not important if the ship is filled or vacant. What should concern us is that approaching to the used to be only the government’s job but this is a private company’s ship and run by them.  So this is something new and it also carried clothing, food and equipment.

It was also questioned if has stopped flying to the . They informed has temporarily stopped launching their spacecraft to the ISS but to construct new rockets to send people into space and appointed private companies like SpaceX to make their deliveries temporarily.

Such private companies will eventually try to fly ordinary people to the space as well.




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