Venus’s Exceptionally rare transit will occur on 5th June, 2012


Similarly, observers in Europe, western and central Asia, eastern Africa and Western Australia will view the closing stages of that event while the transit already will be in the progress at the sunrise from all those locations.  This kind of event happens when t planet Venus actually passes exactly almost between our Earth and Sun, as well as they are extremely rare. In view of the fact that 1st predicted by German mathematician along with the astronomer named Johannes Kepler on 17th Century, 6 Transits of the Venus then have been experienced.


Transits of the Venus happen at the usual intervals what repeat actually over two hundred forty three year period. The intervals between the consecutive transits actually are eight years 105.5 years, eight years and 120.5 years. Again, next Venus’s next transit will not happen until 11th December 11 in the year of 2117, and this will not also be visible from the Washington.  The prediction from Kepler said that e transit of 7th December in the year of 1631, but thing is it was died just before that event happened. After that, next transit on 4th December 4 in the year of 1639 was then observed by 2 individuals named William Crabtree and Jeremiah Horrocks who are from England.






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