NASA is launching a $6.8 billion program to build the American “space taxis”


And previously, for the commercial crew program since 2011. the Congress approved less than requested. This is a big value which was approved to achieve “what promises to be the most ambitious and exciting chapter in the history of and human spaceflight,” said Administrator Charles Bolden. In fact, is about starting a new era of commercial space transportation based on the American administration’s position that “the greatest nation on Earth should not be dependent on any other nation to get into space.” Technically, at least two and up to six missions of the new planned “space taxis” under these contracts will deliver each a crew of four to the International Space Station and vital science experiments. The new spacecraft will remain attached to the station for up to 210 days to keep the crew members safe in case of an emergency. On the beginning, participation of a NASA member at last one mission will be required. Boeing’s CST-100 spacecraft capsule will be launched atop an Atlas 5 rocket, considered one of the most reliable boosters in the U.S. SpaceX contribution to the program will be related to operate Dragon cargo ships which will be launched atop SpaceX-built Falcon 9 rockets. Even if this will be a later step, moving out of government hands and into the private sector of major components of the American space exploring program is considered.


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