Brief radio pulses from the Milky Way are the new enigma for astrophysicists


The Arecibo Observatory has the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, with a dish that spans 305 m. Previously, the same radio emissions were signaled by the Parkes telescope in Australia. Now, it’s without doubts established that it’s something truly of cosmic origin.  However , this was only the first part of the problem. It’s almost impossible now, with the actual level of our knowledge about the Universe, to explain these curious pulses. Suppositions made linked the cosmic waves to evaporating or the merging of neutron stars or flares from magnetars (neutron stars with powerful magnetic fields), knowing that „the radio waves show every sign of having come from outside our galaxy“, as said Victoria Kaspi, an astrophysics professor at McGill University in Montreal and principal investigator for the pulsar survey. There is no consensus for astrophysicists. Some ideas were published in The Astrophysical Journal by the lead author Laura Spitler. Telescopes under construction in Australia and South Africa are expected to help the research and to clarify more when will be operational.


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