Light spot on Mars generated specialist’s interest


The immediate speculations imagined that this could be a proof of the existence of an intelligent activity and even of the life on Mars, using similar tools like humans. Such news is expected to appear one day from somewhere. Our expectation, extensively preserved as a hope in our spirit is waiting time to become reality because we ardently desire to not be alone. The scientists want to understand what they see. “In the two right-eye images (on the rover) the spot is in different locations of the image frame and in both cases at the ground-surface horizon “, said Justin Maki, an imaging scientist at ’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Many possibilities are considered. One of them considers the light as a sun reflection on a rock. Or it was a technical error on the camera. More evidence is necessary to have a credible response and because many other space missions on the Mars surface will be needed to accumulate info, probably is a question for the years to come.


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