The Chinese rover on the Moon has mechanical problems


Repairs are intended but for now the rover will become dormant for 14 days during the lunar night. The Chinese social media examined the fact and created a large public interest. On the largest microblog provider Sina Weibo, as an example, people tagged many of their posts with “#hang in there Jade Rabbit.” The big popularity of the Chinese Moon rover is due not only to the strong determination of Chinese to explore the Moon but at the same time to the Chinese folktale about a rabbit on the Moon. A microblog user said already in his post: “Whatever happens, we must thank Jade Rabbit. When our generation tells stories to our children, we can confidently say: ‘There really is a Jade Rabbit on the moon’“
“Jade Rabbit” is the first rover space mission on the Moon after Soviet Union’s Lunokhod-2 , 40 years ago. It was expected to provide answers to many questions regarding the geological history of the Moon.



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