A cooling glitch found on the International Space Station


Three Russian, two American and one Japanese astronauts are now in the research complex, traveling about 400 kilometers above the Earth, but estimated there where no actual and immediate danger to the crew. However, repairs may require a space walk and it will be the first after investigators search to find the cause which determined an Italian astronaut’s helmet to begin filling with water.
The International Space Station is a habitacle artificial satellite in a low Earth orbit. It is a modular structure. Its first component was launched in 1998. The spatial complex, the largest artificial body in orbit, consists of many pressurized modules. In 1993, components for a Soviet /Russian space Mir-2, the proposal American Freedom and the European Project Columbus merged into a single multinational program. In the research laboratory, the crew members conduct experiments in biology and human biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology and others. The station has been continuously occupied for more than 13 years. It may operate until 2028.



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