104 potentially new worlds discovered in space


In fact, during the press conference, the discovery of  833 new planets was announced. 104 of them are in the habitable zone and 10 of them are about the size of the Earth.
Compared with our solar system, the new spatial structures have many similitudes, so there are many “like Jupiter”, “like Neptun” or “super-Earths”, the scientists say.
Kepler doesn’t work anymore, it has stopped taking data this year on May 11 due to a failure of the second of four reaction wheels used for positioning. But a full year of data transmitted before this happened was stored. The gathered data will have to be analyzed.
At this time, no true Earth analogues were discovered but the hope still exists. “The trend of finding Earth-like planets is likely to continue” concluded for the journalists the research scientist Jason Rowe of the SETI Institute in Mountain View.


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