Affordable one way ride to space that has a catch


Here is what it takes to become one:

If you have enough money you can pay $200000 for a two-hour trip in space by signing up for the first voyage on the . But one who doesn’t have that much money still has a chance to get him/herself a one-way ticket to Mars as he joins 80000 people in a colony to be established on Mars in 2022. Applications for Dutch non-profit Mars One trip are still being accepted over at

Startup Company Elysium Space offers now a different alternative to all existing ones. Their plan is to offer a ride in space by next year for just $1990. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, this is because there’s a catch. The company will send only a portion of your or your loved one’s cremated remains. The remains will be sent in a type of miniaturized satellite called CubeSat along the remains of other several hundred people.

The first launch will take place in the summer of 2014 over at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Someone from Earth will be able to watch the launch and track the movements of the satellite via a smartphone application. After several months of orbiting the Earth the satellite will enter Earth atmosphere and offer a spectacular blaze as it burns up.


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