Applicants Sought To Embark On A One-Way Trip To Mars


The job description asks for Applicants over the age of 18, who are resilient, resourceful, adaptable and team-oriented. The mission will be televised in reality Tv format, from the selection process going into the mission and beyond. Bas Landsorp, Mars One’s co-founder of the Dutch organization commissioning the mission, explained during an interview at BBC’s London office that the successful applicant will not be able to make it back due to adaptability issues.

Lansdorp explained that the 7 to 8 month journey would take a toll on the muscle mass and bone density of the astronauts and they would not be able to adapt back to the stronger gravity experienced on earth. Those who are successful will undergo training on both psychological and physical aspects of the mission. The team is expected to use existing energy during the mission including using solar panels to generate energy and growing their own food. New explorers will join the mission every two years.

There are certainly a number of concerns including radiation exposure raised about the mission and possible life on the ‘Red Planet’ but that has not discouraged applicants from trying out their luck for the rare opportunity. Mars One hopes to have 24 applicants by the 15th of July, to begin a 7 year training ahead of the mission set for 2023.


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