NASA spots change of seasons on Titan


The combination of red, green and blue images don’t give to many details in regards to what might be happening at the planet’s South Pole but was able to also detect an ice cloud by using infrared wave-lengths.

thus concluded that the phenomenon is nothing more than a change of seasons. CIRS Co-Investigator at one of ’s biggest space flight centers explained: “We associate this particular kind of ice cloud with winter weather on Titan, and this is the first time we have detected it anywhere but the North Pole”

Many scientists wonder how such a type of cloud can form over the South Pole instead of forming over the North Pole. CIRS Co-Investigator Donald E. Jennings has an explanation for this phenomenon. According to the scientist there is proof that Titan suffered an important change. The reversed direction of global air circulation meant that the North Pole was getting warmer while the South Pole began to cool. And while the first signs of the reversal were detected in the beginning of 2012 there were some scientists that predicted precisely what will happen.



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