Evaporating exo-planet found by NASA

NASA's Swift satellite observed atmosphere changes in a planet located far away from our own solar system. Scientists registered a powerful multiwavelength eruption that caused changes in the atmosphere of the planet dubbed HD 189733b.

The last transit of Venus in our lifetime

Today's astronomical event is more than a beautifull moment in our lifes. Venus will transit again in 2117 so this makes it a once in a lifetime event. All over the world skywatchers will witness a sight only seen 7 times during five hundred years.

Asteroid to fly close to earth tonight

NASA astronomers say that the asteroid that will pass very close to earth tonight. 2012 LZ1 (the asteroid) is roughly 500 meters in diameter and will pass by 14 times the distance from earth to the moon close to earth.

SpaceX has big launch plans

SpaceX, a company from Los Angeles that wants to begin running cargo supply missions has a chance to prove itself with another mission: to ship cargo in space and at the same time to transport astronauts.