New theory and simulations about how the galaxies formed, including Milky Way

Northwestern University astrophysicists have discovered that, contrary to previously knowledge we have, up to half of the matter in our Milky Way galaxy may come from distant galaxies. The research team found a major and unexpected new mode for how galaxies, including our own Milky Way, acquired their matter by intergalactic transfer.

Moon Express is preparing commercial robotic missions to the moon

Moon Express, a Florida-based in Cape Canaveral privately owned company, plans to use robotic spacecraft to launch a series of commercial missions to the moon. Chief Executive Officer Bob Richards said they will use a low-cost robotic spacecraft that can be assembled like Lego to handle increasingly complex missions.

The Chinese project “Yuegong-365”

The experiment code-named “Yuegong-365” which is being conducted at Beihang University in north Beijing, will prepare aspiring Chinese astronauts. For the instant they will spend 200 days inside a space station simulation in a Beijing suburb.