Climate change warning issued by thousands scientists

A global team of more than 11,000 scientists from over 150 countries officially declared that the world is in a "climate emergency."

The group said that as scientists, they have the "moral obligation to tell it like it is."The paper was published in the journal BioScience on Tuesday. The scientists warned that “untold human suffering” is unavoidable without deep and lasting shifts in human activities that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and other factors related to climate change. They highlighted the urgent need for action. Previously, more than 16,000 scientists from 184 countries published a letter in 2017, warning that "human beings and the natural world are on a collision course."


The scientists have now criticized policymakers for failing to take an action. The humanity must replace fossil fuels, cut the emissions of climate pollutants such as methane and soot, eat less meat, restore and protect ecosystems, building a carbon-free economy and stabilizing population growth by investing into family-planning services and girls education. Too little action has been taken. "Major transformations in the ways our global society functions and interacts with natural ecosystems," say the authors. BioScience is a forum for integrating the life sciences.

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