An invention to stop ocean pollution with plastic


The next step is a floating solar-powered device that he calls the “Interceptor” that scoops plastic out of rivers as it drifts past. “We need to close the tap, which means preventing more plastic from reaching the ocean in the first place,” he explained, insisting that prevention of plastic pollution is very important as a major way to eradicate it. 9 million tons (8 million metric tons) of plastic waste, including plastic bottles, bags, toys and other items, flows annually into the ocean from beaches, rivers and creeks, endangering marine life in the oceans, including whales . The new machine proved it is doing well its task.


Slat said he believes 1,000 rivers are responsible for some 80% of plastic pouring into the world’s oceans. Possibly the new device will be installed in all in the next five years. The project needs funding. The machines currently cost about 700,000 euros ($775,600), Slat argued that the economic impact of not picking plastic out of rivers is higher than the cost of buying and using the machines.


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