“Natural oxygen bars” are multiplicating in China offering a better life support


This is now a major tourist attraction in the country. The China Meteorological Service Association has granted 115 regions such qualifications across the country. According to the criterion, a winner must enjoy three months of a climate suitable for human settlement, an annual average concentration of at least 1000 negative ions per cubic centimeters, and an annual average AQI index of no more than 100. It also has complete tourism facilities and services management. As an example, Tekes County in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has been included in China’s natural oxygen bar list.

Shizhu County

Shizhu County was too officially approved as a Natural Oxygen Bar in China, voted by netizens, inviting everybody to embrace and feel nature. The new concept about the environment is sustained by government because it is life changing. Some sportive competitions, like an international cycling race. are also held in such places. About 1,000 such sports contests including marathon and cycling will be organized in these regions in the next five years.


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