Climate change warning activists arrested Saturday in New York City


They participated at a protest to call attention to the way news outlets cover the climate crisis. The protesters were affiliated with a group called Extinction Rebellion, which describes itself on its website as an “international movement” aimed at combating climate change through nonviolent protests. The protesters blocked traffic outside the newspaper’s building. A spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion, Eve Mosher, says the group wants the media to report on “the climate emergency” so that “people can start pushing for more radical responses.”


They called for more effective media coverage of the dangers of climate change. Two demonstrators scaled the front of the Port Authority building, which houses a major bus terminal and subway interchange, to hang a protest banner. “Seas are rising and so are we,” chanted one group of demonstrators on the sidewalk. Some waved flags and others hung a sign, which read ‘Climate Change=Mass Murder,” with a red strike through “Change” and the word “Emergency” written on top.  A spokeswoman for the New York Times said that in 2018 the newspaper published 795 articles about the climate, including investigative stories.


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