Big solar storms are an underestimated threath for Earth


For the past 70 years, researchers have studied these solar storms by direct instrumental observations. Such events with devastating effects on the Earth occurred in the last 3000 years, scientists have discovered. Solar storms are made up of high energy particles unleashed by explosions on the sun. A similar event today could have a highly destructive effect on power grids, communications, GPS systems and information technology. Two severe solar storms in modern times, not so big,  caused extensive power cuts in Quebec, Canada, in 1989 and Malmo, Sweden, in 2003. But massive solar storms struck the Earth in 775 and 994 AD.


A necessary warming was issued. Solar storms can be far more powerful than previously thought.  “That’s why we must increase society’s protection against solar storms,” said Prof Raimund Muscheler pf t Lund University, Sweden. He argues that there is a need for greater awareness of the possibility of very strong solar storms and the vulnerability of society.


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