The yacht owners are more involved today in marine conservation, the Monaco Yacht Show proved


It opened gala with a dinner and charity auction which raised more than $27 million for marine conservation projects carried out by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Yacht owners were encouraged to participate to reduce waste and emissions in the ocens. “Without a healthy ocean, the whole industry of yachting doesn’t function in the same way”, the environmentalist and explorer Emily Penn said to media. And there are not only words. Many of the yacht ownwers are active to promote sustainability and protect the ocean. Some of them, some, instead of donating money, are even donating their yachts to help the scientific cause.

The Monaco Yacht Show 2018

The Bertarellis, for instance, offered marine scientists the use of Vava 2 for a survey of sharks and coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. The International Seakeepers Society, a non-profit based in Florida, which links yacht owners with scientists, providing a platform for marine research without the costs of chartering a vessel. Archimedes, a 222ft (68m) superyacht valued at $100m belonging to billionaire mathematician James Simons was used by scientists for a shark-tagging expedition off the coast of Antigua. Some billionaires have even started to design vessels specifically for marine conservation expeditions, rather than lending out their own leisure yachts. Philanthropist Kjell Inge Røkke aims to launch the world’s largest research expedition vessel by 2020. At the same time, companies compete to design the most eco-friendly yacht technology. “The new generation of clients are more aware of green issues,” says Johan Pizzardini, communications and media manager for the Monaco Yacht Show.


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