Doomsday Clock warning: global catastrophe is closer than ever !


The was moved forward on Tuesday to 90 seconds to midnight. The world is closer than ever to a global catastrophe. For the past two years, the clock has been at 100 seconds to midnight. The war in Ukraine, the threats of climate change and concerns about more possible pandemics were considered to determine the symbollic clock advance. “The threats are even more acute, and the failures of leadership even more damning. We live today in a world of interlocking crises, each illustrating the unwillingness of leaders to act in the true long-term interests of their people,” declared Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.


The world’s situation is urgent, with possible broad consequences and long-standing effects, said the Bulletin’s of the Atomic Scientists president, Rachel Bronson. “Leaders, wake up! This is your responsibility. This is on your watch,” she addred. The Bulletin’s board insisted that the war has eroded norms of international conduct. The good news is the expansion in innovation around renewable energy. The clock was created in 1947. It fluctuated between two and 17 minutes before the end of the world.