Dozens killed in the Philippines by tropical storm Nalgae


Severe tropical , known locally as Paeng, has killed at least 45 by floods, thick mud and landslides in the Philippines. Dozens more were injured. 16 people were missing after the storm. Most of the victims were swept away by rampaging floodwaters and drowned or were hit by debris-filled mudslides.The storm winds are gusting at up to 95km/h (59 mph). Some areas have recorded their highest ever daily rainfall. Heavy rain began on Thursday. Many of the swamped areas had not been flooded for years.Warnings have been issued over possible mudslides on the slopes of the biggest volcanoes.


Nalgae is not a particularly strong storm but is very large, covering much of the country. Ferry services were suspended in much of the archipelago. Fishing and cargo boats were also barred.The Coast Guard is evacuating many people to shelters. Maguindanao province, on Mindanao island,and provinces and cities in the south were hardest hit by the storm. Storms are expected to hit the capital Manila during the weekend. Nalgae storm heads to the South China Sea. The storm occurred when thousands people in the country planned to travel over a long weekend to visit the tombs of relatives and for family reunions on All Saints’ Day. About 20 typhoons and storms batter the Philippine archipelago each year.