A big landslide in Venezuela killed at least 22 people, many missing


A big landslide occurred in Venezuela, Sunday, after heavy rains daya ago, in the agro-industrial town Las Tejerías, Santos Michelena municipality, where the river overflowed. The affected town is in Aragua state, 87km (54 miles) southwest of the capital Caracas. At least 22 people dead and 22 were missing. Other people remained trapped in their homes by the mud. Several people were reported missing in the El Béisbol and La Agotada neighbourhoods. Some 20,000 homes throughout the surrounding Santos Michelena municipality were affected, according to the Red Cross. Many were damaged. Power outages occurred.


The Venezuelan armed forces worked with canines and drones for rescue and delivered food and medicine. Venezuela’s vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, said at the news conference that the authorities were making every effort to rescue the victims. Cellphone service was disrupted by the storm. Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, declared the area a disaster zone promising shelter for affected people and aid for farmers and damaged businesses. The president also declared three days of national mourning starting Sunday. It had started to rain again in the region.