Devastating rains and floods in central Italy produced big damage and killed several people


At least ten people were killed by torrential overnight rains and floods in the central Italian region of Marche, from the inland hills to the Adriatic coast, early Friday. Several persons are missing. Heavy rain began to lash the region on Thursday afternoon but it was not all. Six months’ worth of rain had fallen across the region within three hours. The storms caused disaster.There was water and mud on the streets in several towns including Cantiano. There were fallen trees. In one town, the powerful rush of water pushed a car onto a second-story balcony. 1,300 residents in Barbara are left without drinking water. Footage released by fire brigades showed rescuers evacuating people. Many residents had climbed on roofs and trees overnight to escape the floods.


Dozens of people were trapped in cars. Some of the worst flooding hit the town of Senigallia, where the River Misa overflowed its banks. “We were given a normal alert for rain, but nobody had expected anything like this,” Stefano Aguzzi, head of civil protection at Marche’s regional governmen declared. Some 50 people were treated at hospitals for injuries. President Sergio Mattarella expressed solidarity. Italian Prime Minister yet in office Mario Draghi visited the flooded region. . He thanked rescuers “for their professionalism, dedication and courage.” “It was an extreme event, more than an exceptional one,″ climatologist Massimiliano Fazzini told Italian state TV. The event followed a record drought that had sapped lakes and rivers and devastated crops. Experts say moments of extreme weather are becoming more common including in Italy.