Europe is under dangerous extreme heatwave


Flames reached two popular Atlantic beaches on Sunday, as Europe is under an unusually extreme heat wave. Authorities in France’s Gironde, a popular tourist region, have evacuated even guards from campsites. Fires also spread in Spain, Croatia and Greece. Morocco was also worst-hit. Some areas in south-west Turkey and on Croatia’s Adriatic coast are also struggling with wildfires. Forest fires are described as “post-apocalyptic”.Thousands people were evacuated in all those countries. Portugal’s fires are contained for now. In Portugal, the temperature recently reached 47C.The Portuguese government says 659 people have died due to the heatwave over the past week. By Saturday, there were 360 heat-related deaths in Spain, according to figures from the Carlos III Health Institute.The Mijas fires in Spain are not far from Málaga, a popular tourist area. In Italy, the government has declared a state of emergency in the desiccated Po Valley.


Across the Mediterranean, thousands of firefighters and many waterbombing aircraft have been deployed. climbers in the Alps are being urged to postpone their trips to Mont Blanc due to the risk of rock falls caused by “exceptional climatic conditions”. In the UK there is an amber warning for extreme heat, as the country braces for record temperatures on Monday and Tuesday. Tn the whole Europe, heatwaves put the public at greater risk of heatstroke, heat exhaustion and drowning and fit and healthy people are at risk.