Devastating floods in Western Virginia, but no fatalities


Torrential rain inundated communities in rural Buchanan County, southwest Virginia, heavily damaging homes and sending residents fleeing to higher ground, authorities said. The flooding came after 4 to 6 inches of rain pounded the area. After the rainfall late Tuesday into Wednesday morning, about 40 people were unaccounted for.Finally, the number decreased to three people. There are no confirmed fatalities or injuries related to the flooding. News footage showed widespread property damage, with small houses washed from their foundations and vehicles encased in mud. The flood in th area was the second in less than 12 months.


Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) declared a state of emergency to assist with response and recovery efforts. Approximately 18 search-and-rescue organizations are assisting. “There is no power, no landline service, and no cellphone service in the affected area which is also impacting the ability to reach residents,” Lauren Opett, a spokeswoman for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management declared. The storms were triggered by a strong cold front draped over the Mid-Atlantic that also incited violent thunderstorms in the Washington-Baltimore region.