Canada is joining coutries imposing plastic bans


Plastic waste is a growing problem around the world . Last year, 170 nations pledged to “significantly reduce” use of plastic by 2030 and many have already started by proposing or imposing rules and limitations for consumers and in the plastic industry.The government in Canada will ban companies from importing or making plastic bags and Styrofoam takeout containers by the end of this year, their sale by the end of next year and their export by the end of 2025. The final regulations enacting the ban where published on Monday. The federal government listed plastics as toxic under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act last year. The government is also intending to impose standards requiring a minimum amount of recycled content in single-use items.


Other examples: Kenya banned single-use plastic bags in 2017; Zimbabwe also introduced a ban on polystyrene food containers in 2017; India is enforcing existing rules on the storage, manufacture and use of some single-use plastics; United Kingdom introduced a tax on plastic bags in 2015 and a ban on supplying plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds recently came into force; The European Union began ban single-use plastic items; China has announced a plan to ban non-degradable bags in all cities and towns by 2022; New York, California and Hawaii are among states to have banned single-use plastic bags in the U.S. but it is not yet a federal ban. Many have to come.