A massive winter storm expected this weekend in America


A massive winter storm is forecast to affect tens of millions of people across the central, southern and eastern USA during this weekend. It is being labeled “unique” and “impactful” by the National Weather Service. The winter storm will move from North Dakota down to northern Georgia and then up to Maine.Winter storm warnings, watches and weather advisories were issued by the National Weather Service about the . Roads will become snow covered and potential ice storm is expected. The ice could also contribute to power outages and tree damage. The precipitation and temperatures are likely to change all around. Strong winds are expected behind the cold front.Traffic will be disrupted. The major airlines issued travel advisory. On Saturday, the snow is expected to move south through areas of southern Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, eastern Kansas, eastern Oklahoma and northern Arkansas.


could possibly result in a significant bomb cyclone or a nor’easter hitting New York City on Sunday night. New York City has a 20 percent chance of getting more than six inches of snow. The storm is expected to reach the Philadelphia area by early Sunday evening, with the most snow and ice hitting in the early hours of Monday. Local authorities warned people to stay home if possible to minimize consequences of the dangerous storm.