The Semeru volcano erupted Saturday on the Indonesian island of Java


The 3,676-meter on the Indonesian island of Java, the highest on the country, has erupted on Saturday in Lumajang district at 3:30 p.m. local time (8:30 GMT). It spewed out huge clouds of smoke and ash. One person was killed, dozens were injured and some were trapped in buildings. Helicopters will be used to rescue them. A number of sand miners were trapped near mines. Thick mud destroyed at least one bridge connecting two main villages of Pronojiwo and Candipuro. One nearby district had no access to medical help. “This has been a very pressing, rapid condition since it erupted,” Thoriqul Haq, district head of Lumajang, said. Evacuations began. Several hundred people were moved to temporary shelters.


Footage shared by locals showed people gathering at a local mosque in Besuk Kobokan. Residents were heard shouting “God is greatest”. Refugees will be provided food, masks and blankets. AirNav Indonesia, which controls Indonesian airspace, said in a statement the eruption did not “cause significant impact” on flights.The volcano previously had erupted in January, with no casualties. Indonesia archipelago sits along the Pacific “Ring of Fire” that leads to high levels of tectonic and volcanic activity and has about 128 active volcanoes.

UPDATE: At least 13 were killed by volcano’s eruption.