Dangerous floods occurred in Henan province of China after heavy rain


Bad weather manifested worldwide this season. Henan province in China, twice the size of Austria with a population of 94 million, has been hit hard by heavy rain in recent days resulting in flooding that has affected more than a dozen cities. But the worst thing happened on Tuesday when Zhengzhou’s entire subway system was forced to close. Rainwater poured into the underground tunnels and trains. The passengers travelling in central Henan province o became stranded amid the rising water. A video shared widely over social media showed torrents of water cascading through one of the city’s subway stations. Emergency workers arrived at the scene at 20:35 local time (12:35 GMT) and were rescuing passengers one by one. Some 300 people have been rescued but the number of persons in danger is not known. Later, the water level in the train has dropped. Subway stations elsewhere were inundated. Rains are set to continue in the region for the next 24 hours. Some highways have closed. Henan is a particularly populous province and a major transport hub. It is also a key base for industry and agriculture. Even the cultural sites are in danger. Henan Province is home to many heritage sites.


Archaeological sites reveal that prehistoric cultures such as the Yangshao Culture and Longshan Culture were active in what is now northern Henan since the Neolithic Era. The world-famous Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, known for its monks’ mastery of martial arts, was also forced to shut.