America invited 40 world leaders to a virtual summit on the climate crisis


Joe Biden has invited 40 world leaders including Xi Jinping of China and Russia’s to a two-day virtual summit on the , entirely online due to the coronavirus pandemic, the White House said. The virtual Leaders Summit will be live streamed for public viewing. The start of the summit on 22 April coincides with Earth Day. President Biden took action his first day in office to return the United States to the Paris Agreement. All countries are now parties to the agreement signed in 2015. The invited countries are responsible for about 80% of global emissions now. By the time of the summit, the US will have announced “an ambitious 2030 emissions target”, according to a White House statement. “The summit will also highlight examples of how enhanced climate ambition will create good-paying jobs, advance innovative technologies, and help vulnerable countries adapt to climate impacts,” the White House said.


Biden is expected to demand the help of Congress to obtain a $2tn infrastructure package funding. In recent years, scientists have underscored the need to limit planetary warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius in order to stave off the worst impacts of climate change.“I’m not going to lay out a strategy in front of the whole world,” President Biden anticipated in his recent news conference. At the summit, between others subjects , will be discussed opportunities to strengthen capacity to protect lives and livelihoods from the impacts of climate change and to address the global security challenges posed by climate change.