Tiny hole will be drilled all the way to Earth’s rocky shell


An initial estimated date is 2020 and the effort would apparently be rewarded as all Earth layers until our planet’s outer-core can hold valuable information regarding our Earth’s origins.

The drill process would require workers to drill in around 4 miles of sea floor. This will be done in one of the deepest parts from our Pacific Ocean from above a huge ship. The hole that will be drilled all the way down to our planet’s mantle will be very tiny and will measure around 30 centimeters in diameter.

This ambitious project will cost around $1 Billion. There is no money yet but without a doubt enough money will be raised in due time.

A geologist from UK’s University of Southampton told CNN in an interview that such a project involves a lot of work in unbelievable conditions: “It will be the equivalent of dangling a steel string the width of a human hair in the deep end of a swimming pool and inserting it into a thimble 1/10 mm wide,” he said.


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