Volcanic explosion Thursday on Italy’s Mount Etna injured ten people, including journalists


A BBC journalist and camerawoman on assignment at the volcano were among the injured. The tourists who experienced the eruption Thursday were in a zone where access is permitted with a guide. Authorities say about 35 tourists were on the volcano when the explosion occurred around midday, and that the guides who accompanied them helped bring them to safety. Four people including three German tourists were hospitalized, mostly with head injuries. None of the injuries was listed as grave. Among those present when the explosion occurred was a scientist from Italy’s volcanology institute, Boris Behncke. He was hit too in the head. The BBC crew suffered cuts, bruises and burns but was ok at their hotel. Officials at nearby Catania airport announced Thursday they would reduce arrivals by half to five flights an hour due to Mount Etna’s ash clouds. Departures were continuing as scheduled.


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