Dinosaur footprint found in NASA’s Maryland campus


The precise whereabouts of the fossilized track are kept secret for the moment as officials fear someone could try to destroy or remove it from the site.

Stanford is a self-taught fossil hunter. During his lifetime he found more than 1400 dinosaur tracks. He is well known for his special visual talent that allows him to see things other people don’t see. The finding happened after Stanford picked up a slice of what appeared to be a brown rock. He immediately realized he found the mark of a toe.

The wide footprint most likely belongs to tank-like plant-eating dinosaur that lived on hearth 100 million years ago. Fossil footprints preserved in these conditions are very rare. The marks of four dino toes are clearly visible. The heel is not clearly visible but this can suggest that the dinosaur moved quickly and its heel did not sink too deep in the Cretaceous mud.

Stanford is amazed to find this Ancient Dino-Print. He declares that it’s mind blowing to learn that dinosaurs used to call home the place where space scientists now work to build spacecrafts and contribute to space exploration.


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