Mystery over a vast crater found in Russia’s far north


“The crater is enormous in size — you could fly down into it in several Mi-8s (helicopters) without being afraid of hitting anything”.

Scientists went over to the site to investigate the crater. Speculation and many conspiracy theories surround the mysterious appearance of the vast crater located close to 2000 kilometres north-east of Moscow.

It is currently not known what created it but experts believe they have a logical explanation. Underground ice which melted in the permafrost might be responsible for the gas which built up at high pressure and ultimately broke through the ground. As expected there are numerous other theories out of which most are conspiracy theories. The name of the tundra where the crater is located inspired many of these. An rough English translation of its name is “the end of the world”

A lot of scientists continue to investigate the interesting phenomenon hoping that the conclusion they can draw up will be enlightening.


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