Recycling used aircraft helps to maintain a clean environment


“We are modernizing our aircraft fleet by retiring older, less-efficient, and less-reliable aircraft and replacing them with modern aircraft to build a fleet with higher reliability and better cost efficiency,” said David J. Bronczek, president and chief executive officer of FedEx Express, one of the aircraft owners on the world. Most aircraft at boneyards are either kept for storage or turned into scrap metal.  The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA), created in 2005, has many accredited member organizations that airlines seek out for aircraft deconstruction and recycling. Its members have dismantled more than 7,000 aircraft and their activity is growing. Thousands of tons and the materials were used in their construction , from plastic to aluminum. Airbus and Boeing hope to reclaim 85% to 95% of aircraft parts, metals and other materials from retired models. This helps to maintain a clean environment. There is too another green trend. Creative efforts of a growing number of people used permanently retired aircrafts  in a variety of way. Some great ideas actually applied are to use them as a hotel, as a boat, as a house, as furniture pieces , as a caravan or as a playground. A  homeowner/architect in Malibu, California, has converted a Boeing 747 into a luxurious mansion. Another man, Bruce Campbell, 64 old, transformed a Boeing 727 home in the woods outside the suburbs of Portland, Oregon.


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