New conclusions about the major impact of the global warming


„Until recently, only West Antarctica was considered unstable, but now we know that its ten times bigger counterpart in the East might also be at risk,” explained Anders Levermann, one of the authors of this study. In fact, this .“poses the most immediate threat of a large sea-level rise, owing to its potential instability.” It’s about an unstoppable sea level rise of up to 4 meters, as predicted. Considering that the climate changes, a global warming will accelerate the Antarctic ice thawing. Fortunately, even in such conditions, the study found that it may take as many as 200 years for the cork to melt. And after it goes, it will take another several thousand years for the basin to empty into the sea. But even it seems to not have an immediate threat, this is about the future of the planet and a big responsibility of the actual human generations must be considered. It is nearly too late to reverse global warming. What we can do is to make it happen slowly. Both the scientists and the political leaders must take action to find and implement the right decisions to save the future ofThe Earth.


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