The Earth Day, today


During time, the Earth Day was an important occasion in popularizing environmental issues. Moreover, an organization was established – Earth Day Organization, which currently has operations in more than 170 countries. Currently, over 500 million people around the world celebrate it. Some noticeable actions to celebrate the Earth Day, this day, today, in 2014:
Apple stores around the world cover all the stores logos green and the employees bear special clothes on this day. marks this event with a special logo that can be seen by its millions of users: a message is “sent” by different animals. Today, three former astronaut organize a press conference to present new evidence discovered by scientists showing that our planet has suffered from 3 to 10 times as many giant asteroid impacts than previously thought. Probably the most interesting, will make a selection from the images posted today by the individuals at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, + and Flickr and will use them to realize a mosaic image of Earth — a new ‘Blue Marble’ built bit by bit with those photos. (To remember, the “Blue Marble” is a famous photograph of the Earth, taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft, at a distance of about 45,000 kilometers).


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