Life on Earth destroyed by microbes 250 million years ago


A team of MIT and of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Nanjing researchers determined the cause and surprisingly it’s not about asteroids or volcanoes but is pointing to a form of microbes that produce methane. The so called “Metanosarcina” tiny microbes suddenly bloomed in the oceans and changed the chemistry of the planet. The microbes used nickel from the volcano rocks to produce a big quantity of methane. This was transformed, in a second step , by other microorganisms, in a comparable big quantity of carbon dioxid. In a process during 20,000 years, the life on Earth became practically impossible.
The new argumentation is sustained by the archaeological research of geologic records using the carbon isotope analysis. The research was supported by , the National Science Foundation of China and the National Basic Research Program in China. The study was published this week in the Proceedings journal of the National Academy of Science.


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