Nuclear pollution from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Pacific water


Four other tanks of the same design had similar leaks during the last year.
Wednesday, the nuclear authority was forced to upgrade the danger rating to a level 3 “serious incident” on an International Nuclear and Radiological event scale of eight. Because Tokyo Electric Power Co which operates the plant must permanently cool the reactors with water that this way enter the Pacific , the estimated leak is of hundreds of tons of contaminated water daily. Scientists also affirm that contamination is largely diluted into the sea water. This big environmental problem will have a great negative impact on Japan’s fishing industry. This industry can be compromised for a long time.
The workers on the plant try to remove the water from the damaged tank. But The Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman  Shunichi Tanaka said the current monitoring of the ongoing leaks at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant was insufficient. He also clearly revealed that: "We cannot fully stop contaminated water leaks right away. That's the reality. The water is still leaking into the sea, and we should better assess its environmental impact."


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