An ancient underwater forest in the Gulf of Mexico



This is a very special discovery because the storage conditions of age-old trees are amazing. When the trees are cut, the smell spread is like from the fresh Cypres.

The Bald Cypress forest is expanded to an area at least 0,5 square miles. It was discovered by chance that someone had the intuition to look into the depths in an area rich in fish and wildlife.

This discovery has a great scientific importance because of the information that can be obtained from the old threes about very ancient times.

However, the research must be carried fast because once removed the protective coating of sediment the underwater forest will change in only a few years. Another difficulty is generated by the forest depth. The scuba divers can stay below for maximum 40 minutes.

The most important information that the ancient treed can provide to researchers seems to be about the climate changes. The life of Bald Cypres can be a thousand years, so this is a real history of the region.



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