The American administration prepares solutions for the climate change


The American administration’s plan envisages to impose strict vehicle fuel efficiency standards and to offer an enlarged support to developers of green energy industries.
It’s time to understand the urgency, this was the principal message issued by the American government. The private sector will be forced to act in the same direction, to obtain better results.

It’s estimated that by finishing some advanced renewable energy projects, by 2020 more than 6 million houses will use it. At the first glance, huge sums will be allocated for research in many domains to reduce the carbon pollution  but in fact this is an attempt to use the money for prevention instead to spend them to repair the consequences of disasters. Only in 2012, the cost of weather disasters in the U.S. was more than $110 billion.

From this new perspective, the American administration’s decision about the controversial Keystone XL project, the 1,700 mile pipeline planed to carry the oil extracted in western Canada to refineries in the Texas Gulf Coast – actually under review by the State Department – could be reconsidered. This will be a political strong fight for the decision because the Republicans want its approval.



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