Atypical tornado in McMinville, Oregon


Weather changes become erratic. Meteorologists have devices and software to help determining their majority in real time. However, as a relevant example of exceptions possible, like in this case, sometimes important elements are missing or are very different and both humans and machines can be in trouble to see or determine something. As a general finding, it is difficult to issue warnings on Oregon Twisters.

The McMinville tornado caused damage to several buildings but no human injuries or any death. The wind ranged from 86 to 90 miles per hour and the big turbulence was included in the EF1 storm category. The tornado had an instant development and produced too a torrential hailstorm. One of the witnesses on the ground observed: “I could feel the pressure. It smelled really electrical.”

Meteorologists say that Oregon tornadoes are very rare. The last notable was in December 2010 at Aumsville, east of Salem.


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